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Group Insurance

Get quotes for these group insurances in less than 30 seconds :

> Group Health Insurance
> Group Personal Accident
> Group Term Life Insurance
> Workmen Compensation
> Group Gratuity
> Group Superannuation
> Group Employee's Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI)
> Group Travel Insurance

Advantages of Group Insurance

Superior Benefits

Several benefits provided under a group insurance plan are either not available in an individual insurance or are available with restrictions e.g., pre-existing diseases cover from day 1

Advantages of Group Insurance

Lower Costs

A group insurance plan leverages economies of scale to offer better coverage for a relatively lower premium than an individual insurance. Costs could be upto 50% lower than individual plans

Advantages of Group Insurance

Customized Policy

Group insurance plans allows a company to customize insurance benefits. For example, you can cover maternity benefits in a group health insurance plan with or without a waiting period

Advantages of Group Insurance

Easy Administration

Buying and maintaining a group insurance plan is significantly easier than managing multiple individual plans for employees. For example, waiver of medical underwriting for individuals

  • Superior Benefits
  • Lower Costs
  • Customized Policy
  • Easy Administration

Benefits of Group Insurance

Unique Benefits

> Benefits in group policies can be customized for various employee groups based on their relative place in the organization via designation, tenure and salary, or based on their life-stage via marital status and family size.
> Standard exclusions of an individual plan can be covered under a group plan. For example, suicide cover in group term life insurance, or pre-existing ailments in group health insurance
> Customized add-ons can be bought. For example, off-shore cover for group personal accident insurance

Flexible Economics

> Payment options in group policy can be suited to match the needs of the organization. For large policies above 2 Crore in premium , employers can pay via installments.
> Employer funded group policies are annually renewable. At the time of renewal, employers can rengotiate cost based on their loss trends, size and benefit structure.
> Employers have a wide choice of insurance companies. More importantly, the insurer can be changed annually without loss of historically earned benefits.

Employee Friendly Design

> Employee benefits policies can be continued by the employee after leaving the firm. For example, group health insurance can be ported to an individual health insurance plan. Employee can then carry forward the lapsed waiting period.
> Old policies can be transfered to employees at original cost. For example, employer-employee life insurance, can be continued by an employee, if employer transfers the policy.
> Corporate insurance policies can offer supplementary cover at employee's cost such as top-up health insurance.

Why Insuwise?

Modest Insurance

Specialists in different areas of insurance assure you of competent and reliable advice with cost-cutting.

Thorough Product Comprehension

Ongoing training to our teams to deepen and widen their technical skills.

24/7 Available

Any time of the day, any time of the year, Ideal People will assist and guide you out of your insurance troubles.

Quick Claims

We are known for Quick Claim Settlement. If you are going to have a policy via us, your claim settlement is our responsibility. We have a dedicated team which deals in claim settlement.

Policy Administration System (PAS)

Access your insurance policies through single login; service requests, MIS, and renewal alerts.

One Stop Solution

Insuwise Insurance is a platform which deals in multifarious insurance related issues of diverse categories as, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Individual Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Public Insurers & Private Insurers.

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8th Main Road, Vasanth Nagar,
Bangalore 560052.

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(+91) 99005 07282
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